Get Ready, Set, Read!

Awhile back our friend Bryce asked us to create a Summer Hype Video for her lovely staff at the Washington County Cooperative Library Services.  You know, something to help them get through the dog days of summer (reading). We were more than happy to oblige!  In true Jbrary style, we wrote this song that ties in to the Summer Reading theme many American libraries chose: On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!

This video is dedicate to the library folks at WCCLS, but also to anyone who needs a little pick-me-up this summer. And with some tweaking of the lyrics, you could easily adapt this song for a summer storytime!

We highly recommend keeping an eye on Bryce’s round-up post to see all of the motivational videos our blogger friends created.  If there is one thing we can say for sure, it’s what a wonderful community of youth services folks we belong to.

Not get ready, set, read!

That Time of the Year

It’s that time of the year.  The time when my voice is on its last leg after speaking to over 2,000 kids in 4 days.  The time when I have an ever expanding list of things to do and not enough hours at work to get them done. The time when I eat a piece of dark chocolate every day at lunch.

Summer Reading time. My library’s Summer Reading Club starts tomorrow. I’m both excited and exhausted.  My mind and body don’t have the energy this week for a substantial blog post, so I thought I’d share my favourite moment from my Summer Reading school visits this week. To give you some context, our theme this year is Book a Trip! To introduce the theme I show them a bunch of suitcases with different items inside (all belonging to book characters) until I get to the last suitcase which is mine.  I always ask the kids what they think is inside.  Here’s what happened when I visited a Grade 2 class.

Me: Can you guess what I brought with me?

Kids: Books!

Me: It’s better than a book.

7-year-old boy: *gasps* An avocado??

I could adopt that kid.  It was actually a library card, but he’s got my vote for best answer.

Happy Summer Reading!

Flannel Friday: Brown Squirrel, Brown Squirrel

When I first moved to Vancouver I was a little surprised that most people don’t have screens on their doors or windows.  I didn’t think too much of it until one day I was relaxing on the couch when a squirrel ran into my living room!  It jumped from a tree, onto my balcony, and straight into my apartment.  We stared at each other for about five seconds before it bolted back out the door.  It’s safe to say that since that day I’ve put up a hanging screen on my balcony door.

Despite the little rascal that ended up in my home, squirrels are curious and cute critters that most kids recognize.  Dana taught me this super fun chant to sing when your storytime kids need to get up and move around.  I love doing it with scarves – you can ask kids what colour scarf they are holding and then change the squirrel to that colour.  Dana also discovered the delight that comes from putting the scarf in your back pocket and shaking it like a tail.

Here’s some felt pieces my co-worker Karen helped me make to go along with the song.  I like to move the nut around to the different squirrels when we sing their colour.  Because squirrels are so common, I use this song as a way to encourage caregivers to talk to their kids about their surroundings.  I might say something like, “When you go outside today, ask them what they see in the trees, in the sky, on the sidewalk.  Asking questions about your neighbourhood is a great way for your child to practice talking  and to learn new words.”

brown squirrel

Thank you Kate at Felt Board Magic for hosting this week’s Flannel Friday round-up.  Learn more about the Flannel Friday community and how to participate.