New Songs & Rhymes

We are almost there people, ALMOST THERE.  At least for those of us in Vancouver, kids go back to school in about two weeks and the Summer Reading Club is finally starting to wrap up.  And you know what that means – fall storytimes!  I’ve been browsing our Fall Pinterest board for books, songs, rhymes, and felt stories for ideas.  Last year Dana picked out some of our fall favourites that I’m itching to bust out again.

But I also wanted to share some of our recent uploads that I’m also excited to share in storytime this autumn.  Here’s 5 new-to-me songs and how I plan to use them over the next few months.

I have a few moms in my babytime who are teaching their babies sign language and I am so excited to incorporate these common signs into storytime.  Before we sing the song, I plan on going over each sign and practicing them as a group. This will be one we do every week to help us all memorize the signs.  I’d love to bring in some props too to help babies make the connection between the sign and the object, but I can encourage caregivers to do that at home too.

New favourite action song for toddlers and preschoolers! My storytimers love An Orca Whale, so I feel confident this one will be a hit. I’d love to hear any versions you create with animals and plants specific to your region.  My legs are sure to get a workout from the up and down movements involved in transforming from a tree to a mushroom!

I’d only ever heard the extra alligator verse before filming this video.  I think this bounce or action song would work great with a mixed age group or in a babytime. Have older kids act out the rowing with you and have caregivers bounce little ones. I love sharing ways to modify old favourites, especially ones caregivers may get a bit tired of hearing.

We don’t offer snacks after storytime, but I visit a lot of daycares and Strong Starts that do offer a snack.  I’m going to sing this one when I visit them this fall not only because it’s easy to learn, but also because it teaches proper handwashing techniques.

All hail the lyrical genius of Brytani!  I can’t wait to use this one with scarves and shakers. I’m going to write the lyrics up on a poster so it’s easier for families to learn.  This one gets stuck in my head every single time I sing it!

What are you looking forward to sharing in storytime this fall?  Let me know in the comments!