2019 Picture Books: Counting, Numbers, and Shapes

Did you know early numeracy is a predictor of later reading success? Just one of the many good nuggets of information I picked up from the Center for Childhood Creativity. Here’s a selection of picture books coming out this year that support counting, number sense, and shape awareness.

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Numbers are in English and Spanish. A wonderful third title to go along with Round Is a Tortilla and Green Is a Chile Pepper .
I wanna be an arithmechick.
Math is a beautiful lens to see the world through.
How do you count when the number of pigeons keeps changing?
You had me at “counting book thriller.”
Build, measure, count, compare in this companion to Crash! Boom!
Encourages physical touching of the pictures to help learn to count.
Fun fact: I almost majored in math.
I love books that challenge us to think about things differently. How much is enough? It depends.
Well if you’re going by the title above…
Anyone with little ones can relate to helping a child understand how long five minutes really is.
Very clever, Judy, very clever.
These jungle gym structures give me mild heart attacks, not gonna lie.
A story of nonconformity!
Someone looks a little defensive.
Jenkins is back with not one but two infographic books.

Seen any other good counting or number books coming out this year? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “2019 Picture Books: Counting, Numbers, and Shapes

  1. SO many great books about math!! But oh my gosh, of all the books I’ve read in today’s post, I LOVE Miguel Tanco’s “Count on Me” the most. It is a uniquely lovely look into some of the basic concepts of math. I feel it could really help a child who is afraid of, or thinks they hate math, but also a math appreciator, or even a math ignorer could enjoy this book ; ) I especially love the back pages where Tanco has placed a “copy” of the protagonist’s math journal. It clearly illustrates how math is a part of our world, and will help youngsters appreciate the beauty of mathematics. Fabulous!

    1. The synopsis of that one had me hooked. Glad to know it’s amazing!

  2. I absolutely love “One Fox!” It is a surprisingly readable counting concept book and the illustrations are top notch.

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