2019 Picture Books: Holiday Stories

So many holiday books coming out this year! I’ve arranged these loosely by holiday so you can order the ones that will fill any gaps in your collection. Still waiting on a more diverse array, but for now Christmas reigns supreme.

See the other books in my 2019 Picture Book Series:

An overview of major holidays around the world.
How many books do you have about Ramadan? Now you can increase that number.
Underwear for every occasion.
Santa AND trains?! It will never be on your shelf.
I forgot to include this one on my Books Featuring Babies list.
Sophie’s Grade 2 class is obsessed with Mustache Baby so I know this one will be well loved.
Fuse 8 + a Caldecott Medalist = Christmas Gold
Even Santa needs to sleep.
A story about kindness, generosity, and friendship.
Ask the tough questions, chica.
The first of two holiday themed books featuring The Crayons.
Yes, Tomie dePaola is still publishing children’s books.
A Christmas book NOT about Santa.
Move over, Rudolph.
I can’t find much about this one, but it looks cute.
Self explanatory.
Christmas and reading all in one.
Super cute illustrations!
A little girl celebrates Christmas with a trip to the ballet.
This looks like a really cool cut-out book.
If you’re into the whole zombie thing.
If Christmas gets one…
100% buying multiple copies of this one.
I could buy 50 copies of this and they would all get checked out.
Learn about the Festival of Lights.
Sure to be popular with toddlers.
A group of cat friends get ready for Halloween.
Another one in the Dino series.
This isn’t an in-your-face Halloween book, but great for the holiday anyways.
If you’ve ever seen the movie The Last Unicorn you will know why this tree looks creepy AF.
Great for fall time in general.
Halloween serves as the backdrop for this cute tale.
A rhyming spooky jaunt.
Not gonna lie, these snowmen slightly freak me out.
The only Easter book I saw out there!
American friends, take note!
My bet is on the turtle.
The Crayons are back in this sweet story.
Amy Krouse Rosenthal *bursts into tears*

Which ones are you excited to read? Let me know in the comments!

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