2019 Picture Books: Music, Singing, and Dancing

Three of my favourite things! Get ready to jam, y’all. Many of these are biographies, but a few of them would be great storytime picks. Perhaps one of them will win a CLEL Bell Award for a picture book that supports the five early literacy practices.

Catch up on old posts here:

A sequel to the first Kat book which made my 2018 favourites list!
CODE RED, CODE RED: There is a new Emma Garcia book coming out this year!!
Nothing left for me to do but DANCE.
Can you name all of the people on the cover?
Willems is back again.
I need to know how the art was made!
A biography to add to your collection.
Blues is having a year.
Angleberger is known for his middle grade novels, so I’m interested to see how this does.
Feel the beat in the rhythm of your heart…
A storytime winner? I have high hopes.
So many kids in my neighbourhood play piano. Really excited to get this one.
And another biography!
Miles Davis, yes please.
Interesting contrast between happy and sad on the cover.
For ballet enthusiasts. The illustrations are so elegant.
Also on my Books Featuring Babies list.
Features on my women biographies list.
Songs are powerful.
Had me at the title, the font, the guitar, the centipede…

Which ones have you read? Which ones are you waiting on? Let me know in the comments!

10 thoughts on “2019 Picture Books: Music, Singing, and Dancing

  1. Musical storytimes, here we come! New Emma Garcia!! Yay! I love your comments on that one, by the way. Exactly my reaction the second I focused my gaze on the book cover 🙂 And I love the artwork on Pokko and the Drum – I’m really looking forward to checking that out. And I also can’t wait to see the Croaky Pokey – I think your storytime instincts are good on that one, too ; )

    As always, thank you for the heads up on great new books. I have a folder for them, so if I don’t have time to look when they come in, I can take a gander at my leisure. Haha! Leisure?! What’s that again?

    1. Right?! I feel like this summer in particular has been super busy. These posts help me too so that when I see the books float across my desk and I can be like, “oh ya I wanted to read that one!”

  2. I cannot WAIT for the next Emma Garcia! All of her books are storytime gold! Wish they would re-release her earlier books in hardcover again. I’m excited to see Croaky Pokey is getting a reprint, it’s such a fun book to move and groove to in storytime.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. It really is a shame when the storytime golds go out of print in hardcover!

  3. Yessss. THANK YOU for these lists! I love going through them and they are SO HELPFUL. I know it’s a ton of work to find all those and get the cover images and everything. THANK YOOOOU!

    1. Thank you, Abby! I’ve had requests for publication dates and author and title links, but cover images are as much as I have time for right now. I’m glad the lists are still useful 🙂

  4. I read Kat Keeps the Beat in Babytime and it went really well!! It was a hit, for sure.

    1. Awesome! I’ve got that one at the top of my list to try out.

  5. This is so great! I think the Croakey Pokey is a reprint though, we have it in our collection and is a delight in Story Time 🙂

    1. I realized that after publishing the post. Oh well! Maybe it will redirect people to check it out since it’s a storytime delight as you said 🙂

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