2019 Picture Books: Nature

It is hiking season and I couldn’t be more excited! Growing up as a Girl Scout gave me an appreciation of nature that I treasure today. Here are some of the nature-themed titles coming out this year that grabbed my interest. Which ones look the best to you? Let me know in the comments!

Don’t miss the other books in the series:

Friendly reminder to always use the microphone 🙂
Matheson’s books are always interactive fun.
Trees are actually way smarter than you know, verging on creepy.
I love this series! It appears on my nonfiction storytime list.
This will tide me over until the next David Attenborough documentary.
You give me butterflies.
LOVE this series and can’t wait to booktalk this one at school visits.
This title is a pun, right? Right?!
Everyday diversity ftw.
Insert Vancouver rain joke here.
Pulley Sayre is still in tip top shape.
Eyeing this one for storytime.
Living for the striped leggings and cowboy boots look.
I get asked for this topic a lot.
Getting major Groot vibes and I’m here for it.
I love Yuly’s books for babies and toddlers.
Madeline 2.0
Purty cover.
I told you.
I <3 trees.
Friends in the forest.
As the sand through the hourglass…
Yes! I wish there were more books about hiking with kids.
Winner of Best Text Design Ever.

One thought on “2019 Picture Books: Nature

  1. Isn’t Bloom Bloom just beautiful? I can’t wait to remake my flannel frog set based on some of those amazing creatures in Jenkins’ and Page’s new frog book, too!

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