2019 Picture Books: Outer Space

To infinity and beyond! Check out these 2019 picture books about space, the moon, stars, planets, and everything else out there in the great void. I am sad to report that Mythical Creatures lost out to this category once again in my Instagram poll. One day!

Which ones are you looking forward to reading? Or have you read one and loved it? Let me know in the comments!

Here are the other books in my 2019 Picture Book series:

A little girl rallies her neighbourhood to come see a comet. Side note: I want her earrings.
A gorgeous cover! A girl tries to count all the stars in the sky.
This book would help her along.
Is it just me or is that dog giving some serious side eye?
After all…
A little girl dreams of being a star.
Fun Fact: The author’s sister is my colleague and fellow children’s librarian here in Vancouver!
Funny shenanigans ensue when Pluto finds out it is not a planet after all.
Stars. They’re what’s for breakfast.
A little girl finds a star for a pet.
A magical story about the power of imagination. I love the metaphor.
Mostly just empty space, amirite?
A mother travels to the moon to find a cure for her sick son.
Send Curiosity right over.
Curiosity has a birthday.
Apparently everyone is having birthdays in space!
Someone meets a new friend in outer space.
A little girl accidentally knocks the moon out of the sky. Whoops.
A nonfiction title about a chemist who made a difference.
Yolen is back in the house, ya’ll.
Come back here!
A nonfiction pick featuring the history of the moon told by the moon itself.
Learn about Apollo 11’s historic mission.
Whoa, it’ s like if you combined the two books above this one you’d get this exact book.
Moon travel is getting so much love this year.
Apollo 12 gets some attention.
The Year of the Astronaut.
Seriously, folks, you could refresh your entire space exploration collection this year.
I told you.
I love the colours used here!
This will also be on my School Stories list.
There’s gotta be!
And maybe it’s your babysitter!
The astronaut stuffie!!
Sequel to How To Find Gold.
Please let this be sung to “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.”
A girl searches for another planet with life.
The C is yellow because it looks like a crescent moon, get it?
A celebrity author takes on self-esteem in this exploration of the night sky.

There you have it! I’d love to know which ones you are eager to read!

11 thoughts on “2019 Picture Books: Outer Space

  1. It’s the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing this summer, which I think helps explain the plethora of Apollo 11 books and moon-related books. Everyone loves a good tie-in! 😉

    And I keep voting for the mystical creatures book list! One of these days, right?

    1. Oh that makes total sense now! I’m apparently out of touch with space news. And Mythical Creatures really better win this week – I even vote for it twice, once as Jbrary and once as myself 🙂

  2. Thanks for this! I just put Stardust, Small World and Moon Wishes on hold for my own kids.

    1. I can’t wait to read all of those!

  3. I love that there are so many Space books coming out this year, but bummed that so many of them won’t be ready in time for Summer Reading Program!! A lot of libraries in the US are doing “A Universe of Stories” for our theme this year. Probably meant to align with the Lunar Landing Anniversary!

    1. Ahhh, that makes sense! In British Columbia we are doing “Imagine the Possibilities” which leaves it pretty wide open.

  4. I’ve done a space theme a few times, but I haven’t seen any of these! I hope we have at least some of them. (Off to check catalog…..)

    1. Oh these are are being published this year, some not until the fall, so you may not have them yet.

  5. I’d like to add an adorably clever book entitled, “Oh No, Astro!” by Matt Roeser. Thank you for this amazing list! So helpful.

    1. **though I now realize it was a 2016 publication, after I posted. Whoops!

      1. No problem – I love learning about all books!

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