2019 Picture Books: Reading and Writing

I mean, OF COURSE I was going to make a thematic list about literacy! I think these books would make great CLEL Bell award nominations too. Check out these 2019 picture books about reading and writing.

See the other books in my 2019 Picture Book series:

Pizzoli’s books are always fun and great for storytime.
A poetic journey through my favourite activity.
Nothing like a little peer pressure.
Another one in this fun series.
A young girl writes a story for her cat’s alter ego, Tiger.
A biography of Carter G. Woodson
Cabrera alert! Cabrera alert!
A grade 2 girl learns how to spell and write her name.
Fooled me!
I live for these STEM fairy tale retellings. Also, HER CORNROWS.
Time to get educated, Wolf.
She’s a poet and the bully is named Big Brad Wolf. Enough said.
Look at those baby owls!
A boy writes a series of letters to the president about building a wall between him and his brother.
This one gets meta. Also belongs on my Feelings and Emotions list.
Reading really does feel like magic to a kid who doesn’t know how to read yet.
3 books in one!
I wonder if that’s one of the infamous NYC library lions.
This is just to say…I am actually interested in how this book.
A Japanese import about the wonder of a bookstore.
I think it’s about time for a Book Superhero.
Graphic novel style with a Reading Superhero!
I’ll buy anything Lucy Ruth Cummins illustrates.
Every child deserves a book to call their own.
Those posters have piqued my interest.
I have complicated feelings about Little Free Libraries. Ask me about it.
For future authors everywhere!
So many picture books misrepresent libraries. I hope this one gets it right!
Crayons have been the first writing utensil of many little ones.
Peanuts still going strong at my library.
This book may be more about worms than drawing, but drawing is great finger muscle practice.
Get to know the story behind the writing utensil.
Perfect for those of us overcoming perfectionism.
Pencil has to compete for a boy’s attention with things like video games and movies.
Books with mustaches!
Everyone has one!

Which ones are you looking forward to reading this year? Let me know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “2019 Picture Books: Reading and Writing

  1. Great list! Is it possible to get the titles/authors in a printable list?

    1. Unfortunately the blogging website I use doesn’t have that function. Sorry!

  2. Ohhh, I did not know we were getting another Richard Byrne this year! Hooray! Thanks for the great list – will have to catch up with these new books before my next Print Awareness storytime!

  3. What are your complicated feelings about Little Free Libraries?? So curious because I, too, have mixed feelings about them!

    1. Yay, someone asked! So. I went to a talk by librarian Jane Schmidt a few years ago where she presented her research and critical analysis of Little Free Libraries and it really made me think about what the actual benefits of these boxes are. She also presented them in a framework of corporatization and neoliberal politics, something I had never considered when I thought of the cute little boxes of free books. She argues that Little Free Libraries are “are examples of performative community enhancement, driven more so by the desire to showcase one’s passion for books and education than a genuine desire to help the community in a meaningful way.” I started to think about how communities might see these LFLs – are they being heralded as a replacement for fully funding public libraries even though they are mostly filled with old books no one wants to read? How is the corporation behind LFL profiting off of community work? I highly recommend reading Schmidt’s full article here: https://journal.radicallibrarianship.org/index.php/journal/article/view/17.
      I would love to hear your thoughts!

  4. This CLEL committee member is happily requesting the books on this list I haven’t seen yet. Sadly, I can’t get a hold of all of them yet, but what a great list! Thank you.

    1. Ahh yes, some of them are being published later this year. I also have a list on Singing and Music coming out sometime in the next month or so, so keeps your eyes peeled 🙂

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