Evaluating Storytime

It has been a couple weeks since I wrote Goodbye Friends, a post all about goodbyeing with style and Lindsey and I have settled into new locations and programs. As it is want to do, time has smoothed the transition and I am able to look back now with a clear eye and a less fiery heart. The result of this new found maturity? A quick look at evaluating storytime and incorporating this feedback. Because while goodbyeing sucks, getting solid feedback on your programs and knowing they’re improving is the silver lining.

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With Lindsey’s help I created a small feedback form and distributed it to families after the three regular programs I was running. I’m not going to lie, the results were definitely underwhelming, with check marks in mostly the right places and little comments about wanting more storytimes. Here are my Sample Evaluation Forms. Feel free to use and adapt as you find useful! At one program I talked about the feedback form and at the end everyone fled and I chickened out on chasing them down.¬†There you have it, full disclosure!¬† But, things I learned from this process:

  • Because of varying levels of English in my community it would have been helpful to go over the feedback form before asking families to fill it out. It might also work to do “verbal version” if you have a relationship with the family and fill out a form based on the conversation that takes place. One of my personal goals is definitely to get better at gathering evidence (especially anecdotal) of library success.
  • When I waited until the last session to ask for feedback I got a mix of new families, families that needed to go or Grandpas who were filling in. Next time I will ask for feedback across a couple sessions to catch as many people as possible.

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