2019 Picture Books: Gender Expansive

These books bust gender stereotypes. They also feature LGBTQ families and kids. I couldn’t find the perfect phrase to encompass both of these, but I liked “gender expansive” which I saw in a recent School Library Journal article on gender expression and early learning. And I’m sneaking this in just before the end of Pride month (though we should be Proud all year!).

Any standouts to you? Let me know in the comments!

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The message: Kids can play with any toy they want!
AKA however you want.
Reclaiming this phrase!
There will be a female president of the U.S. one day. THERE WILL.
A fierce maiden finds love.
This one reminds me so much of my nephew who loves to paint his nails.
You don’t have to choose.
Toxic masculinity can see itself out the door.
The description describes Riley as “gender creative.”
Picture books have a bad history of only featuring men in the driver’s seat. Not anymore!
Rosenthal’s husband and daughter made this companion book. If you need me I’ll be here sobbing with my box of tissues.
Another celebration of all the ways boys can be boys.
Aidan, a trans boy, gets ready to greet his new sibling.
Ella is described as a “strong-willed character with her own ideas.”
A young girl proves she does have what it takes to be a matador (and get those churros).
Also featured on my Women Biographies list.
Yes, it sure does.
Women in STEM fields are still underrepresented. I loved the first Charlotte book and this one looks just as good.
Chicks fight back when they see a sign that says “No Chicks Allowed.” Chick power.
Lots of diversity in this one.
Meet your new hero.

2019 Picture Books: Nature

It is hiking season and I couldn’t be more excited! Growing up as a Girl Scout gave me an appreciation of nature that I treasure today. Here are some of the nature-themed titles coming out this year that grabbed my interest. Which ones look the best to you? Let me know in the comments!

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Friendly reminder to always use the microphone 🙂
Matheson’s books are always interactive fun.
Trees are actually way smarter than you know, verging on creepy.
I love this series! It appears on my nonfiction storytime list.
This will tide me over until the next David Attenborough documentary.
You give me butterflies.
LOVE this series and can’t wait to booktalk this one at school visits.
This title is a pun, right? Right?!
Everyday diversity ftw.
Insert Vancouver rain joke here.
Pulley Sayre is still in tip top shape.
Eyeing this one for storytime.
Living for the striped leggings and cowboy boots look.
I get asked for this topic a lot.
Getting major Groot vibes and I’m here for it.
I love Yuly’s books for babies and toddlers.
Madeline 2.0
Purty cover.
I told you.
I <3 trees.
Friends in the forest.
As the sand through the hourglass…
Yes! I wish there were more books about hiking with kids.
Winner of Best Text Design Ever.

2019 Picture Books: Cats and Dogs

Ahhh, librarian’s best friends! Personally, I enjoy watching funny GIFs of these furry creatures better than interacting with them in person. I couldn’t help creating list just about cats and dogs though. Also, this list is HUGE. The biggest one yet! Which ones stand out to you? Let me know in the comments!

Don’t miss the other books in the series:

I’m guessing someone isn’t too enthused.
This one is in my Top 10 Book Covers of 2019.
This one also breaks the Top 10.
I wonder if this one has a social justice message?
Superheroes + Dogs = Yay!
Part of the Madeline Finn series.
I love seeing all the different dog names that pop up in books.
On the nose.
Told from the perspective of the cat.
Oates is breaking into the kid market.
Retro vibes.
Oh brother.
Mischievous cats FTW.
I love this phrase and I love this cover.
I believe there is one more Flubby book coming out this year.
I am so confused by the title and image but I am here for pugs.
It’s just so weird!
Best buds.
We’ve all been there.
I read this title in the most exaggerated way possible and it was hilarious.
Marigold is back!
Kinda creepy, not gonna lie.
Is this not every cat and dog ever?
You do you!
I really hope this works in storytime!
Remember the first one she wrote?
Eyeing this one for storytime.
The McNames are getting a lot of attention this year.
You can also find this one on my Poetry list.
Boy’s best friend.
Welcome to Vancouver.
My MIL has that kind of dog and it is crazy big!
Notice the *
Gonna be honest, I did not get strong cat vibes from the creature on the roof.
Can I read this and not cry?
For anyone who has lost a furry friend.
I see what you did there.
Juana Medina, I will buy anything you have a hand in creating.
I keep reading it as Mr. Pickles.
Lemme guess.
This cat reminds me of the mean one from Cinderella.
Another winner from Cole.

2019 Picture Books: School Stories

School here in Vancouver runs until the end of June, but I know many of you are on the cusp of Summer Reading time. In celebration of another school year past and to give you time to get your orders in for the next school year, I’m sharing 2019 picture books about school today.

When Sophie was about to start kindergarten I checked out every single book about starting school my library holds. I particularly sought out books featuring anxiety about starting school. I am so glad to see more and more books about the school experience hitting the shelves. Here’s what’s coming this year.

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A burst of confidence from an award winning duo.
No words needed amirite?
Guys, Lola is growing up.
I loved the first book in this series so this is a must-get.
The llama in the rainbow sweater…mic drop.
That’s one way to get out of it.
You wouldn’t know it from the cover but this one is about the first day of school.
Can’t wait for this to circ a million times in one month.
Looks like a gentle and fun introduction to school.
This author always makes me laugh.
Attention all helicopter parents.
I think it’s supposed to look like it’s coloured by a child.
Learn how kids return to school around the world.
And they look so happy to do it!
Field trips are a big part of school for most kids and this one is out of this world.
This might be more like what the kids will experience 🙂
Hannah starts grade 1 and runs into a few problems.
Getting over first day jitters takes some positive thinking.
Oh, I love the literal interpretation here.
Part of the Nugget and Fang series.
What would your dream school look like?

Which ones are you excited to read? Let me know in the comments!

Link Extravaganza! Spring 2019

I haven’t done a link round-up in awhile! Here are some cool things I’ve seen on the interwebs lately.

Professional Development

The Colorado State Library is offering a free 4-part series on services for kids in grades K – 3. The first two have aired already and can be viewed online. Mark your calendars for part 3 and 4!

Claudia at Never Shushed shared three new professional development books I can’t wait to read. Might add them to my professional development booklist.

Scholastic released their Kids & Family Reading Report and Thrive by Three wrote a great post examining the “Decline by Nine.”

Books and More

100 Scope Notes shared The 2019 Unicorn Report which compliments my 2019 Picture Books post about mythical and magical creatures.

I am in love with raucous read-alouds by Jean Little Library and will definitely be consulting for my upcoming school visits.

The ALSC 2019 Summer Reading Lists are here! I scope these out every year to help me choose books to take on my summer reading visits.

Rain City Librarian shared an excellent list of board book must-haves that can be used as a reader’s advisory tool or baby book collection starter kit.


I started a conversation about repetition in storytime and was delighted to see Get Curious, Get Creative @ Your Library share how she incorporates repetition in her storytime for 2s and 3s.

If you’re scared to use a parachute with toddlers, then definitely give Library Laura’s Parachute Play program a read through.

I love Karissa and reading her How I Levelled Up My Toddler Storytime post made me love her even more. So many great tips!

A thoughtful post about the environmental impact of kids’ crafts by Inventors of Tomorrow. How do you try to minimize your environmental impact in terms of programming for kids?

Storytime Katie has me itching to use a stretchy band in storytime now. Thanks, Katie!

See anything cool on the internet these past few months? Let me know in the comments!

2019 Picture Books: Dinosaurs

We are the dinosaurs, marching, marching. We are the dinosaurs….

I love dinosaurs because they combine science and animals. Kids love them too. Here’s a selection of 2019 picture books about dinosaurs to fill your shelves!

See the other books in my 2019 Picture Book series:

Putting this on my storytime watch list.
The small arm joke never gets old.
Dinosaurs + Vehicles = Never On Your Shelf
This one is full of onomatopoeic text.
Nonfiction title that shows how dinosaurs evolved into birds.
Dinosaurs as pets!
They wrote The Bad Seed and The Good Egg so I’m definitely checking this one out.
Another pet version with silly antics.
Newest addition to the “How to Catch” series.
This one is actually a board book but it looks too cute not to include.
Jenkins coming at your with the FACTS.
This one isn’t really about dinosaurs, but the kids do see them in the museum.
To inspire future paleontologists.
Anyone working with toddlers knows the power of this word!
You can find this one on my Women Biographies list too!
You can find this one on my Things That Go list too.
Time travel and dinosaurs give us a funny romp through time.
If you’re wondering if the presents came out of its butt…..me too.

Which dinosaur books are you looking forward to sharing this year? I’d love to know in the comments!

2019 Picture Books: Grandparents

Intergenerational bonds are something special. Sometimes I have moments where I forget that all of my grandparents have died, and I’m struck with an intense sadness when that moment passes. Here are some books coming out in 2019 to help us treasure the time we have with our grandmas and grandpas.

See the other posts in my 2019 Picture Book series:

G-L-A-M-O-R-OUS (thank you, Fergie.)
Passing down stories is truly a great gift.
A fairy tale retelling featuring the three little pigs and Grandma.
Yes, THAT Paul McCartney.
Love those suspenders, Grandpa!
A much needed story – can’t wait to read this one.
A little boy comes up with a game to get his grieving grandpa to talk and it works.
An intergenerational tale of bridging cultures.
I can’t with this cover. It’s just too cute.
A take on the classic cumulative tale.
A little girl turns to her grandpa to help her answer a question she keeps getting asked.
A girl learns about her grandpa who was a farmer in West Africa.
You make lemonade?
This little girl has a whole lot of questions and grandma is there to talk.
Abuelo’s memory starts to go, but luckily he’s got a grandson to help him find his way.
Another one about memory loss.
A boy tries to recreate the best day ever.
This one looks sad.
is that they are awesome!
I bet this will be a fun one to read aloud.
Lots of love for grandpas this year.
A true story of a girl and her grandmother in Iran.

Which ones do you think will fly off your library shelves? Let me know in the comments!

The Library Services for Children Journal Club Wins an Award!

In November 2017 my colleague Christie Menzo and I launched a new project designed to get library staff serving children to read and discuss emerging research related to our field of practice. It’s called the Library Services for Children Journal Club. I’ve written recaps of each of our meetings here on Jbrary as a way to spread awareness of the club and to encourage others to join the discussion.

At the 2019 British Columbia Library Association conference held this past weekend Christie and I were given the Young Adult and Children Services Award for the creation of the LSC Journal Club which shows exceptional service in the area of children’s or teen librarianship in British Columbia. What an honour!

We were able to give a short acceptance speech and I thought I’d share it here too. I was so nervous accepting the award that I didn’t say everything I intended, but I hope the message rang true. I wrote the first paragraph and Christie wrote the second.

Thank you to the British Columbia Library Association and the Young Adult and Children’s Services division for this award. When you envision a children’s librarian you probably think of things like singing The Wheels on the Bus with a group of rambunctious toddlers or making rocket ships out of cardboard and glitter or getting a group of 100 people to shake their sillies out. Which is true! Doing those things is why I love my job so much. But we started the Library Services for Children Journal Club because we also see ourselves as researchers and analyzers of current research in any field related to child development and youth services. The “what” we do is important – those early memories of the library as a fun and welcoming space create future users many of you see later in life – but the “why” behind what we do is perhaps even more important. We want to push our field to think about those reasons critically.

We created Library Services for Children Journal Club so that we could have more space to discuss the “whys” behind the important work Children’s staff do. Lindsey and I believe that opportunities for professional development conversations and critical thinking in the field needed to be ongoing, regularized, and open to all levels of staff. Conferences like this are great AND we need to build on these conversations throughout the year so that we remain vibrant, research-informed organizations. We encourage all of you to consider beginning your own journal clubs in your own communities. Lindsey and I are happy to help you get started and you can check out our website: lscjournalclub.org for more information on how to get started or join our Vancouver group. Thank you again for this fabulous award. Happy learning.

If you’ve never heard of the LSC Journal Club before and are interested in getting involved please let me know! We encourage local groups to form and you can see if there is one in your area already.

As children’s librarians we don’t always get the recognition we deserve, but dang it feels good when we do.