Dog Man Afternoon!

Dog Man. Is it every on your shelves for more than 5 seconds? Let’s capitalize on the popularity! After reading this fabulous guest post make sure to check out Kim’s excellent guide on how to Host a Supa Awesome Dog Man Party and Karissa’s Dog Man Library Program.

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Thomas Shalin, the Youth Services Coordinator at the Bartow County Public Library System in Cartersville, Georgia. I met Thomas on Instagram and convinved him to write about his supa awesome Dog Man Party because I’m hosting one in September and am looking for new ideas. Check out all the cool things they did!

We ended our summer school-age programs with a super afternoon, dedicated to everyone’s favorite canine, or part canine crime-fighter, Dog Man! 

When doing programs for primarily elementary aged-kids, I’m a big fan of including Reader’s Theater or some sort of play or drama activity into the program.  Kids love being a part of the story and Reader’s Theatre is excellent for sharpening their literacy skills!  For this program, we ended up reading and acting out almost the entire first Dog Man book.  I began by projecting and telling the origin story up on the screen by scrolling through the comic panels. Then, we told the tale of the Dog Man vs. the giant vacuum cleaner and the Weenie Revolution, complete with headband hats.  I put together scripts for the two chapters and gave Dog Man a few things to say since his emotion is only visually covered in the comic panels.  We had some super readers!  We always have super readers.  However,  the ringleader of the hot dogs really takes some panache, and our reader of that part for the day really helped make the story.  The kids had a blast and the crowd added the perfect sound effects.   I don’t have any pictures of us acting out the story because I was the narrator.   Here’s a picture of some of the hats and props from our storytime production!

We had four different craft/activity stations:

  • A Dog Man Hat/Ears Headband – Just like the one the kids who were in the play wore
  • A Petey puppet – His arms and legs were attached with brads and swung, danced, back and forth when you moved hi back and forth.
  • A flip-o-rama section, with pages from Dav Pilkey’s website
  • A K-9 Sniff Test Game with 6 different scents.  Since Dog Man is a police officer, we wanted to test something that every Police dog uses, their sense of smell!
Headband Station
Petey Puppets
Flip-O-Rama Station
K-9 Sniff Game

There are a couple of ways you could do this. One, if you had someone watching the station, you could blindfold each child and have them sniff and guess.  Since we had drop-in stations, we punched holes in the top of each jar/container.  We used cinnamon, ground coffee, parmesan cheese, salt and vinegar chips and lemon slices.  We didn’t want to make it too hard and also wanted to put things in there that they might already be familiar with. The majority of the kids got all of them right, although the chips were kind of a curveball.  They could smell the vinegar, but the potato chip part wasn’t as obvious.

We gave away three Dog Man books as door prizes as well to three different kids.

We had about 40 kids at the program.   It was our last storytime of the summer.  We could have handled more, but 40 was a perfect amount!

Thomas Shalin is the Youth Services Coordinator at the Bartow County Public Library System in Cartersville, Georgia.  He loves his job and doing fun programs at the library and doing school visits.  He loves picture books most of all.  Here he is meeting one of his literary heroes, Dog Man.  If you have any questions about this program or about anything else you’d like to ask or talk about, he can be reached at

17 thoughts on “Dog Man Afternoon!

  1. What a great program. Thank you for the post.

  2. This is supa awesome! Thanks for encouraging this guest post. Can you share how your event went?

    1. Hi Ashlee – It was such a fun program! The kids had a super time. All of the stations worked really well and the Dog Man story section was the best! I can see how the story can run a little long, but it depends on your readers and even a further editing of the scripts. We had some fluent readers in the main character parts that day. There’s so many good jokes, it’s hard to cut! We will do another Dog Man program at some point and I’ll most likely take the Dog Man Reader’s Theatre out for schools visits. If you have any more questions, definitely feel free to ask!

      1. I was wondering how Lindsay’s program went…I thought she said she was doing one in September? I realize I wasn’t very specific and it was probably confusing for you to see me ask how your event went after you just wrote a whole post about it! 🙂 Thanks again for sharing Thomas!

        1. Oh haha, that was my fault! I thought you were asking Thomas and let him know he had a comment 🙂 My program went great! I did a Dog Man themed Summer Reading Club Celebration to end the summer. I used almost all of Thomas’s ideas. The smelling jars were so fun – whole families tried to guess the scents together. I also did a headband making station, button making station, and pin the hat on Dog Man station. I had a graphic novel making station too, but I think there was too much of a party vibe for kids to want to sit and write a comic or even make a flip-o-rama. Oh, I also made a Dog Man Scavenger Hunt that they had to complete in order to get a piece of cake 🙂

      2. How did set up the Dog Man’s reader theater? This sounds so cool!

        1. Hi Viviana, I’m not sure Thomas gets notified of new comments so you can email him at (he’s shared his email in the comments).

  3. Do you happen to have a template for the Petey puppet you can share?

    1. Thomas emailed me the template too and I’ve added it to the blog post under the picture of the Petey puppet 🙂

  4. Oh! Awesome!
    Do you know what font was used on the placards for each of the stations?

    1. Hi Melissa –

      It was WallowHmkBold. Thanks for asking!

  5. Hi Melissa –

    It was WallowHmkBold. Thanks for asking!

    1. Hi Dawn, I added a link to the PDF in the blog post. Just click on the linked title that says “Petey Puppets.”

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