Fall Storytime Ideas

Fall is my favourite season. Bring on the Fall Fantasy!

Dana wrote a post in 2015 with our fall favourites, and it’s one of our most viewed posts this time of year. I thought I’d do an updated version of that post with more ways to infuse storytimes with a sense of wonder and excitement for the changing of the seasons. Here are some additional ideas for songs, rhymes, and books to share in storytime this autumn.


Check our Fall Pinterest board for even more choices! Here are some picks that were published since our last post.





Songs and Rhymes

Here are three of my favourite Jbrary videos about the fall.

And here are some videos from the King County Library System that make excellent use of the crunch sound.

This simple one from the Johnson County Library would make a great stretching rhyme.

Felt Activities

Here are some of my favourite felt pieces to use during the fall.

Rain is Falling Down
5 Little Pumpkins

Looking for even more fall storytime inspiration? Check out these posts:

What are your favourite things to do in storytime in the fall? Let me know in the comments!

12 thoughts on “Fall Storytime Ideas

  1. Book about rain are always a good idea for a Pacific Northwest fall, ha!

  2. Thanks for the update! Love these books and activities.

    This fall scarf rhyme I made up a few years ago remains a crowd favorite:

    “Once I was a seed and I was small, small, small.
    I grew into a tree and now I’m tall, tall, tall!
    My branches sway in the breeze so soft
    And when it’s autumn, all my leaves fall off!”

    We use two scarves, one in each hand. First we curl them up into a ball and crouch down on the ground like a seed; then we sprout into a tree and extend our branches, swaying our scarves; then we drop them on the floor and sing a song about raking them up!

    1. LOVE! The best part about it is that it functions as a short oral story too. I could see using this virtual storytime and asking families to bring a washcloth or blanket with them.

    2. Nice scarf play, Jessica! Thank you for sharing! I’ll want to use this one for a virtual storytime for sure – and in person when the science allows – thank you credits will go to Jessica F. of “Storytime in the Stacks”

      I made a felt board for “Leaf Jumpers” by Carole Gerber; Ills. by Leslie Evans with felt pieces representing the leaves they say the names of – the red maple through the sycamore. As I read the book, I add the leaves when it is their turn in the book. It turned out really nice – wish I could share it here!

      Thank you Jbrary for sharing all the wonderful bloggers and storytimers and thank you to commenters for even more great ideas 🙂

      1. If you have some good pictures of the felt story you made feel free to email me and I’ll add it to the post! It’s jbrary@gmail.com

    3. I love this! And I was looking for a song to translate into Spanish and it came out really well. I will drop it here if anyone needs it. Thank you for sharing!

      Una vez fuí una semilla y fuí chico, chico, chico
      ¡Crecí en un árbol y soy alto, alto, alto!
      Mis ramas en el suave viento se me mueven
      ¡Y cuando llega otoño, las hojas se me caen!

      1. That’s great – thank you for the translation. Beautifully done!

        1. Thank you! I will be using it in my upcoming bilingual storytime 🙂 Being a Librarian is all about sharing and helping others!

          1. Hi Andie, we are doing bilingual storytimes in Canada – Ontario, where unfortunately we don’t have too many resources. The bilingual Spanish program is part of our multilingual session, we usually post once per month on Facebook and stays there for a week, because of publisher restrictions. Do you have a website where I could see yours? This is our Facebook page.https://www.facebook.com/mississaugalibrary

            Thank you so much to Dana and Lindsey for start posting again. I get so many ideas from you.

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