Flannel Friday: Pyjama Party

We used this flannel in a Pyjama Storytime along with a great song called Pyjama Party. This storytime activity uses repetition, number sequencing, and is just a blast to sing! A big thank you to our co-worker Miranda Mallinson for sharing the flannel and song with us.


These flannel pieces were easy to make.  All we did was print five sets of PJ’s from Miranda’s template and stick ’em to some colourful flannel. Voila! And here’s a video showing how to sing the Pyjama Party song.

Here’s how we sang it:

There were five pairs of pyjamas
Dancing at the pyjama party
Five pairs of pyjamas
Dancing til it was 7:30
They danced around the room
They danced the hullabaloo
Until one pair of pyjamas said,
“Holy Moly it’s time for bed!”

Count down from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

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  1. My Theme is ” Clothes” and need something about this.

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