Flannel Friday: Baby Shark and Slippery Fish

This week I’m sharing felt versions of two of my favourite storytime songs. Besides food, things that live in the ocean is a popular topic for my Vancouver toddlers.  To hear Dana and I sing these tunes, click on the title of each video.

Slippery Fish

slippery fish

I pulled the fish pieces and octopus from two other felt stories I already had, so I only had to make the shark and whale. I’ve noticed that putting these felt pieces up as we sing helps keep toddlers captivated and better able to follow along. I swear I’ve also heard more of them saying the names of the sea creatures when the song is over.  The link will take you to the sign language version.

Baby Shark

baby shark

These are some very happy sharks! So I always thought this was more of school-age song until my mom told me my 2-year-old nephew LOVES baby shark. So I’ve been trying it out in my family storytime with toddlers and preschoolers and it’s been a hit!  We sing the first version from the video and I put up the pieces as we go through each shark family member.  Grandpa shark is my favourite.  I often make both of the parents moms or dads – an easy adaptation you can do to many songs to be inclusive.

Thank you to Jen at Adventures in Storytime for hosting Flannel Friday this week.  Visit her blog to see the entire round-up! Learn more about participating in the Flannel Friday community.

19 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Baby Shark and Slippery Fish

  1. Do you happen to have a favorite recorded version of baby shark? Don’t ask me why, but the pacing of my do do do do do dos can be erratic! Love these felts; off to the crafting room I go!

    1. Unfortunately I don’t know of any recorded version of Baby Shark. I just try to go really slow so the little ones can keep up with me. Thanks so much, Becky!

    2. I use my i-phone and pull up the Pinkfong version on Youtube I have one of the little wireless speakers with bluetooth to use with it.

    3. If you can find the Baby Garten CD, they have a wonderful version.

    4. I know this is a bit of an older ask, but I do have a version of Baby Shark that’s not so erratic (I’m not a fan, either). There’s a version by Super Simple Songs that’s more gentle. It does speed up at the end, but it’s still lots of fun!

  2. There is a fun version of “Baby Shark” on a CD called Early Morning Knee-Slappin’ Tunes by Mike Whitla that is very toddler-friendly!

    1. Oh, perfect! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Thanks for the share, I am planning on using this in a story time this Wednesday, but am adapting it slightly to be Baby Dragon :). I think it will be a blast!

    1. Oh that will be so much fun! How will the second half of the song go?

      1. This is how I slightly tweaked it,

        Going Walking… (Walking Motion)
        See a Dragon… (Hand over eyes like you are looking)
        Running fast… (Running in place)
        Safe at last…
        Bye-bye Dragon…

  4. I have a newbie question. How do you make the felt characters? I’d like to do more with my flannel board besides the letters and numbers I bought from the local craft store. Note-we’re a tiny, rural library with limited resources. Thanks!

    1. Great question! I’m not the craftiest of children’s librarians so my process is quite simple. If the shape it easy enough I’ll free hand trace it onto the felt itself or onto a piece of paper. Most of the time I find a simple pattern online – even clipart works sometimes! – and print it, cut it out, then trace it onto the felt. Then it’s just a matter of cutting the felt pieces out and gluing them together and adding any embellishments if needed (like the googly eyes for the sharks). To find patterns I either look on the Flannel Friday Pinterest Boards or the Making Learning Fun website which has a list of themes which often have flannel patterns: http://www.makinglearningfun.com/activ.html

      1. Thanks for the info! Very helpful as always!

  5. Just did “Slippery Fish” for the first time for my Ocean themed Stories in the Park today! It was really fun and the patrons played right along 🙂 I used the books Somewhere in the Ocean by Jennifer Ward, Little White Fish by Guido Van Genechten, I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry (PERFECT prelude to “Slippery Fish” 🙂 and A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea, adapted by Jessica Law with an accompanying felt board. SO MUCH FUN! Thank you once again for helping to make our storytimes more fun! Check out my post Stories in the Park: In the Sea on Wild About Reading blog with Tompkins County Public Library if you’d like to see the felt board!

    1. I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean is one of my all time favourite storytime books. Always a hit! I subscribe to your blog and saw your shout out to Jbrary today – thank you so much!

  6. Hi! Do you know where I can get the die cuts for all of the sharks? I would love to add this to my storytime, but I’m not the craftiest person. I love all of your flannels and songs! Love this site!

  7. Hey hey, guys!
    If you want to add some baby-appropriate STEM to storytimes tell your audience the fun science fact that mommy sharks are bigger than daddy sharks! And adjust your dance moves and flannel order accordingly! Go Go, great big mommy sharks, go!

    1. I actually do this! I learned it at the Vancouver Aquarium. Getting the kids to believe me is another thing…

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