Flannel Friday: Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

One of my goals this year is to make flannel pieces for all the songs I sing on a regular basis.  I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile, mainly to act as a visual cue to both the kids and the ESL caregivers who may not know the songs yet.   So this week I’m sharing how to make flannel pieces for one of my all-time favourite storytime songs: Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!

Firstly, if you don’t know about Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, we’ve recorded a couple versions.

The original from three years ago! Perfect for mixed-age groups as you can jump with older kids while little ones are lifted into the air by caregivers.

Extra verses!  You can go to the sun and the stars too.  Watch until the end for an adorable baby adaptation.

Ahoy, mateys! Try this version out when doing a pirate or ocean themed storytime.

This sign language version has ASL you can teach to your storytimers before singing.

Now to the pieces!  All of these pieces are basic shapes with a few embellishments.  A huge shout-out to my co-worker Karen for helping me make these!

zoom zoom zoomzoom zoom

Thank you Anne at So Tomorrow for hosting Flannel Friday this week. To learn more about how to participate in the Flannel Friday community, visit their website.

9 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

  1. Love it Love it Love it!

    Especially the baby in space and ASL Version.

    Just a thought; maybe countdown using ASL as well.

    thank you for this! I will be singing and presenting this soon at Family workshop at a children’s museum featuring Space and Rockets.

    – J
    Community Literacy Specialist from Tandem, Partners in Early Learning

  2. Zoom, zoom, zoom
    Climb onto my broom
    Zoom, zoom, zoom
    Climb onto my broom
    If you want to go at night
    to spread around Halloween fright
    Zoom, zoom, zoom
    Climb onto my broom
    In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

    this is one my class enjoys this time of year. thank you!! i LOVE your videos!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, Melissa! I absolutely love this version! Could we have permission to film a video of it? If so, let us know how we can give credit (your name, school/library).

  3. Hi,
    Love all your videos! On Zoom, zoom,zoom the pirate version. I couldn’t quite understand one of the words.
    Hunting for balloons? Not sure if that is what you were saying. Thanks for any info!
    Cindy T.

    1. Oh, we’re saying “hunting for doubloons.” Doubloons are a type of gold coin. You can find the lyrics to each song printed in the description box below each video but you have to view the video on YouTube to see that part. Always feel free to ask us though! 🙂

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