Spring Bunny Scavenger Hunts

This is a landing page for the spring bunny scavenger hunt and all the iterations that have been created.

Original Spring Bunny Scavenger Hunt
Includes: Scavenger hunt sheet, downloadable bunnies – Harry Potter, Madeline, Olivia, Big Nate, Captain Underpants, Waldo, Percy Jackson, Rainbow Magic Fairy, Franny K. Stein

Update 1
Includes: Fancy Nancy, Princess in Black, Pete the Cat, Geronimo Stilton, Yoda, Zita the Space Girl, Pippi Longstocking, Paddington Bear

Update 2
Includes: Pikachu, Molly of Denali, Minecraft, Knuffle Bunny, Corduroy, Fancy Nancy, Grogu

Gail Borden Public Library by Carrie Rzeppa
When a co-worker showed me Jbrary’s Spring Bunny Scavenger Hunt in early 2022, my wheels immediately started turning and I couldn’t wait to create bunnies for our space.  Our youth room is quite large and lift the flap/open the door decor doesn’t usually last long at the Main Branch of Gail Borden Public Library in Elgin, Illinois. To adapt to our space, I used the general idea and pictures of the bunnies to create our own version of the scavenger hunt. We called ours “Bunnies in Disguise” and a general spring bunny encouraged the kids to find his friends.  The first year (2022), we hung 12 bunnies around our space.  Instead of making the doors, I recreated and enlarged the bunnies (using the same base bunny) so that they were almost the full size of an 8.5×11 sheet of paper.  This allows patrons to see some of them when they walk into the Youth room and encourages them to ask about what they are.  Patrons received a scavenger hunt log that was divided into two sections: half was the bunnies they needed to find, and the other half was a blank bunny that they could use coloring supplies in our Creation Station (craft space) to “disguise” themselves.  When finished, they could either choose to hang it in our bunny gallery or take it home. I also had spare blank bunnies in our craft space in case people just wanted to draw a bunny.  It was a HUGE hit!

Here are my versions of the log sheet, the Jbrary bunnies and the original bunnies I created the first year:

Some of the bunnies I made have easels attached to the back so that they can stand on some of our bookshelves.  (Gerald & Piggie, Creeper and DogMan.) Also, to create my bunnies, sometimes I used text boxes to remove parts of the bunny outline (like the tips of the ears on Scooby) or added clip art (like Mario’s hat) to the file before I printed, colored, and laminated it. 

Through trial and error the first year, I found that most people kept the log and took a spare bunny from our craft space to draw their “bunny in disguise” and I was using A LOT of paper.  In 2023, I changed the scavenger hunt log to ONLY contain the bunnies and placed blank bunnies in our craft area.  I also added 6 more bunnies to our collection, including a “Mystery Bunny” who was not pictured on the new log.  The kids not only had to find the bunnies they could see, but they had to find the mystery bunny who, coincidentally, was Scooby Doo. 

Here are pictures of my 2023 log and six new bunnies:

The new logs were laminated, and kids used dry erase markers to keep track of their findings. (Next year, we won’t use dry erase as it was an issue in our space- I’ll go with Velcro on the logs).  I put up a few sample bunnies in disguise to get the ball rolling:

Even though I really didn’t end up saving any paper, the scavenger hunt was more popular than ever.  From March 1, 2023 until April 4, 2023, we hung over 475 bunnies in our Creation Station, gave away approximately 840 stickers for completing the scavenger hunt, and printed just over 800 copies of the drawing sheet (for a total of 1600 bunnies).

Here is a picture of our Creation Station filled with bunnies right before I took them down: