2017 Picture Books Cover Appeal: Canadian Edition

I’m back with part three of my Cover Appeal series! This time I’d like to shine a light on the covers of 2017 Canadian picture books that have caught my eye.  There are a few Canadian titles scattered throughout Part 1 and Part 2, but this post is dedicated to all the wonderful titles being published by Canadian authors, illustrators, and publishers this year.  Which ones are you looking forward to? Let me know in the comments!

I love the striking yellow colour of this one. Colette’s got a kind of Madeline vibe I’m digging. The author hails from Montreal.

Part of a series from this author/illustrator duo. This one is set in Vancouver, wahoo!

A boy writes an email to his friend after arriving in Canada from Jamaica. I like how the colours of Jamaica’s flag are woven into the cover.

Did you ever sing this little rhyme as a kid when walking on the sidewalk: “Step on a crack, you break your mama’s back”? I did and this book is living up to my childhood imagination.

This book gets all the weird points. Weird title. Weird illustrations. Possibly weird storyline? I love it.

Grumple! A grumpy animal? I can just imagine that name becoming a family saying after reading this book. “Looks like someone woke up a grumple today!”

Canadian illustrator Matthew Forsythe is set to stun with this one if the cover is any clue to what’s inside.

No title or author given on the cover, but this one’s from Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen. I think it would be fun to ask kids what they think the title is based on the cover. Tree? Monster? Triangle? (yes).

I just love the contrast between the muted greys outside and the brightness under the umbrella. I already know my niece is going to ask why the man has a blue nose.

From Canadian publisher Groundwood books. This one hits a personal note for me as my niece is Colombian. Not sure where the story is set but both the author and illustrator live in Colombia.

My niece used to ask me this question at least 20 times a day when she was in preschool. Based on the cover, I hope one of the answers is reading!

I’ve loved the first two in this series. The perfect gift for birthdays!

It is the year of yellow covers! Set in Brazil, follow the boat to see who you meet. I believe it was translated by Canadian Jane Springer.

The title + the illustrations have me wondering if this one will be a tear jerker. Sad books get me every time.

The cover caught my attention because I know Crozier’s poetry. Looks absolutely adorable.

Mermaid alert! I repeat, mermaid alert! Told by Inuit elder Donald Uluadlauk.

You guys, the dog! It’s the cutest dog I’ve ever seen! From the West coast to the East coast, journey across our country in this one.

Looks like a great new addition for talking about comparison and contrast.

What I see on this cover is pride and community. From a First Nations author/illustrator duo.

New Ashley Spires, yeehaw! You can do it, Lou!

Look, this wouldn’t be a Canadian list without at least one moose on it, right?

Pure imagination on the cover. Knitting in children’s literature is really having it’s heyday.

Originally published in French by Montrealers author and illustrator. You don’t see many bald children on the covers of picture books and it’s a shame.

This could be the cover of a book for ANY AGE. It’s mysterious and a little spooky. My favourite part is the kid in the back raising their ski in a fist bump.

Sneaking this one on even though it’s a board book. It just looks so happy!

Which ones are you most looking forward to? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “2017 Picture Books Cover Appeal: Canadian Edition

  1. Hello :),

    Are you guys planning to do a favorite storytime reads of 2017? I really love those posts, they are such great resources for new librarians!

    1. Yes, absolutely! I do one in December of every year. I’ve been collecting and testing titles all year 🙂 So glad to know they are of help!

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