Storytiming the Whole Day Through

We celebrated Family Literacy Day here in Canada last week and one thing I like to tell the families that come to storytime is that it’s possible to sing the whole day through. So I have accepted my own challenge and put together a collection of songs and rhymes that will truly have you singing from dawn to dusk. Let’s get started shall we!

1. Wake Up Feet

This is a favourite at babytime as it allows us lots of time to say good morning to each and every body part. For an added challenge with an older crowd try waking up elbows, tummy and hair!

2. Early in the Morning

A lovely little rhyme to sing about morning routines, like the postman coming! Try changing the time of day and visitor and be sure to tell parents to incorporate their child’s name.

3. Mix a Pancake

This has got to be one of my favourite rhymes because it lends itself so well to play. Whether or not you’re making real pancakes try this out and be sure to catch them if you can! I always check the ceiling for stragglers just in case.

4. Baby Put Your Pants On

Now that everyone’s fed it’s about time to get dressed and ready for the day. This is a catchy number that can go on for as long as you need it, especially if it’s a cold day that requires bundling up! Remember if you need weather songs we’ve got a whole whack of them.

5. A Hippopotamus Got On A City Bus

You’re out in that wide world and perhaps you hop on the bus as we often do in Vancouver. This is not only the best bus song but also has to be one of the best lap bounces too.

6.  I Am Hungry

After running all those errands and riding that bus home, it must be time for some food right? Have the little ones brainstorm some new food ideas after you run out of verses!

7. Five Elephants in the Bathtub

I’m hoping it’s not TOO obvious I saved all the best songs for last, but seriously what better way to convince little ones to hop in the bath other than the discovery of five elephants?! This makes for a great flannel story as well.

8. Little Bar of Soap

It is truly impossible to sing this song with a straight face; I always get the giggles when I sing it at storytime so it had to make this list. Try it at babytime and pop babies up when you sing the second bar of soap, or have toddlers fist pump with an imaginary bar of soap in hand. Either way: good, clean fun!

9. Pyjama Party

I know that it’s almost bedtime and things are supposed to be calming down, but I couldn’t resist one more totally fun tune. This one was written by our colleague Miranda at VPL and makes for a great flannel sing-a-long!

10. Sleep Sleep Little One

Here it is: finally a calming bedtime song! If you know any other languages this is a really nice time to weave them into this rhythmic lullaby. In babytime I encourage parents to pat their little ones on the back as they sing while I tell older ones to close their eyes and rock back and forth.

Well, there you have it folks, enough tunes to keep you going all day! If you’d like more ideas check out our Food Playlist, Bath Time Playlist or Lullabyes and Soothing Songs Playlist. Now it’s your turn, what are your favourite songs for singing the whole day through?

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