Spring Bunny Scavenger Hunt: Update 2

One of my favourite emails to get is the one that goes something like, “I saw this on your blog and made it even better!” Cue the children’s staff at the Fairbanks North Star Borough Public Library in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Back in 2015 I shared my spring bunny scavenger hunt. You’ll want to start there for the original files and instructions. It’s easy peasy mac ‘n cheesy, as my 2-year-old niece would say.

Four years later I shared some updated book character bunnies. The book character bunny universe expanded.

Today we are back with seven new bunnies to add to your scavenger hunt repertoire! Thank you to all the wonderful people at Fairbanks for your creativity and generosity.

Download all the files here.

Happy spring, everyone!

12 thoughts on “Spring Bunny Scavenger Hunt: Update 2

  1. I used this scavenger hunt in mid-april and it was a HUGE success! We had over 500 kiddos take part and it was a blast! Thanks so much for the updated bunnies as I was hoping for a Pikachu and Minecraft bunny lol. Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to this fantastic passive program.

    1. Wow, 500! It’s so cool to hear about how many kids have found these bunnies.

  2. In March, we used a version of this scavenger hunt for the second year. I remade the bunnies to make them bigger (using yours for inspiration- our room is very large) and added several of my own. We were up to 18 bunnies to find this year, including a Minecraft Creeper, Elephant & Piggie (with Pigeon looking on), Narwhal & Jelly, Super Mario, Scooby Doo, Mr. Shark from the Bad Guys, Greg from Wimpy Kid, and Nate from Big Nate. Scooby Doo was our “mystery” bunny who was not pictured on the scavenger hunt sheet. In addition to the scavenger hunt, I’ve added a “Create Your Own Bunny In Disguise” in our arts & crafts area called the Creation Station. Kids get a bunny (about a half sheet size) and they “disguise” it however they’d like and we hang it for display. This year, I hung over 500 bunnies made by patrons and distributed over 1100 bunny sheets for patrons who made their own at home. Our patrons LOVE it and I love creating new bunnies based on current characters.

    1. 18 bunnies?! Holy smokies, Carrie, that is amazing. I am in love with how you took this scavenger hunt and ran with it, making it even more interactive. I feel like this deserves it’s own blog post. If you are interested in writing it up and sharing your files please email me at jbrary@gmail.com. I feel like we need a landing page for all the bunnies now haha.

  3. So cute. I think I’ll try this for a first grade returning class visit. They were really into Spiderman and Roblox and Among Us today!! I think I’ll ask my Story Teen volunteer to create those bunnies. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    1. That’s such a good idea! Some kids get really into drawing the costumes on the bunnies. If you ever want to share any new bunny designs please email me at jbrary@gmail.com

  4. I have so much love and respect for you. I can’t wait to do this in our library!

  5. Every since we started putting scavenger hunts around the library they have been a huge success. Its always a treat watching them run around the library (at a save and considerate pace) and asking for clues of where they might be. But I have just one problem:
    I keep trying to think of new and exciting passive programs to have for kids to participate with, but none as smashing a success as our scavenger hunts.

  6. Hi I just wanted to let you know your about page is giving an error message. “Oops! That page can’t be found.
    Thank for everything you do!!!

    1. Hi Inti, I tried it on a few different devices and it is working for me. Maybe it was down for a bit? Should be working now.

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