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Awhile back I wrote about the Tween Book Club I run at my branch and all the extension activities I’ve done with the kids.  I recently landed a new (PERMANENT FULL TIME!) job that has me switching my focus from middle years to early years, so unfortunately I won’t be in charge of a tween book club anymore.

But I did promise to write more about the resources I used to plan my tween book clubs.  I view this post as a living document, so please leave a comment if there is anything you think I should add.


Websites and Blogs

Discussion and Activity Ideas


What did I miss? Please leave a comment and I’ll add in your suggested resources!

3 thoughts on “Tween Book Club Resources

  1. Thank heavens for you two! Just what I needed at the right moment!

  2. Hello
    Could you please advise me to a previously prepared book club discussion template for third graders, as we are currently reading “five go adventuring again” from the famous five series , I need it for reference

    Thank you

    1. Hi Sarah, I’m not sure what you are referring to. I think if you tried googling “book club questions for kids” you might find some online templates. I haven’t created any myself.

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