2018 Picture Books: Cover Appeal

Last year I wrote a few posts featuring 2017 picture books I was excited to see based solely on their covers. I had a request to do a 2018 version so here it goes!  I know little or nothing about these books unless I’m familiar with the author or illustrator.  This is based purely on cover love.

There is 99.9% chance that I will love any book illustrated by Julie Morstad. Just a fact.

We have been blessed twice this year. Hallelujah.

I’m sorry but those miniature ponies are so freaking cute. Especially the one in the glasses!

Madeline 2.0?

Do you see how her hair looks like the crows?! Canadian author and illustrator bonus points.

A book about synesthesia? Right on.

When you have a 6-year-old who loves all things spooky, books like this suddenly become much sought after.

My library just updated our preschool STEM booklists so I’m bookmarking this one for next year.

And this one too. Girls in STEM are finally getting their space in picture books.

I’m drawn to the alternating colours in the title text.

Love the rhyming name and hoping for some bilingual action in this one. Also, those hoop earrings gurl.

Smash those gender stereotypes, Teddy!

Is it just me or are there relatively few picture books starring octopuses?  I love any book that promotes writing. Could be a CLEL Bell Award nominee!

I’ve seen tons of good buzz about this one. Had me at mermaid.

I’m drawn to the subltleness of the art work here. And the title is a great oxymoron.

Noted for a child wearing a head scarf on the cover. Could be a good one to recommend to parents looking to talk to kids about race.

I hope this book is about the power of imagination. One of my favourite covers this year.

I loved Little Red and read it to every single class I visited to promote the Summer Reading Club last year. Can’t wait for more feminist fairy tales.

I’ve been loving the recent picture books about grandparents and grandchildren.

I’m adding this one slightly begrudgingly because I have had it UP TO HERE with the rain in Vancouver this winter, but I love the cloud image and think many interesting conversations with kids could be started from that alone.

Just wow. Yes to dark skinned girls on book covers. Yes to hair love.

Stack the Cats was one of my 2017 Favourite Storytime Picture Books so you bet I’m looking forward to this next one!

I love her powerful stance and the power in the title. Always looking for books that encourage kids to speak up for themselves.

All-star duo, ’nuff said.

I’m getting distinct Maybe Something Beautiful vibes which was one of my 2016 Favourite Storytime Picture Books and I ain’t mad about it.

This one reminds me of my niece Sophie to the highest degree. She is a little creator and I love seeing girls featured as makers.

Oooh, I wonder if this one takes place out on in the bayou. I love Preston-Gannon’s illustrations

This book speaks to the part of me that has watched every single nature documentary on Netflix.

Whoa. Sometimes you see a cover that pretty much blows your mind. Ain’t seen nothing like this before.

If you follow me on Twitter you know about my obsession with love poetry so I am here for this.

I actually feel like I’m in space when I look at this cover. Stunning.

If you follow me on Twitter you may also know about my mermaid obsession so I am doubly here for this.

New Patricelli, yay! She’s one of my toddler storytime authors to know.

Oh god. Is it a children’s librarian best friend or worst nightmare?

I can’t help but see Hagrid in this cover. Three cheers for diversity in body representation!

A superhero kid librarian?  TAKE MY MONEY.

We have a huge Indian community here in Vancouver and I am always looking for books with more Indian representation.

I recently wondered about the amount of car-centric picture books I read in storytime and am happy to see more eco-friendly options be published.

Where will Becker take us this time? I love how the stone is glowing.

Okay, how many times did you have to look at this cover before you spotted the horse? Because mine was at least 10 times.

What 2018 picture books are you excited about? Let me know in the comments!


21 thoughts on “2018 Picture Books: Cover Appeal

    1. Lol, me too! For my personal collection AND the library collection 🙂

    1. Wanna go halfsies with me and we rotate books throughout the year? 🙂

  1. If only I could get all of these! I ordered “What If…” immediately. I cannot wait to see it!

    1. Definitely one of my most anticipated titles!

  2. Hi Lindsey! Love this post and the 2017 version. Any thoughts about doing a follow up post each year, once you’ve read all the books, on which met your expectations both in content and cover art?

    1. oh, that’s a great idea! I’ll give it a go at the end of this year. Feel free to email me in December if you don’t see anything as a friendly reminder 🙂

  3. I have seen the F & G of Adrian Simcox Does NOT Have a Horse. It is great! It won’t disappoint when you meet the inside. Should be on everyone’s wish list.

  4. Okay – so far the books that have come in at Kidsbooks that I have read and are worth spending your book budgets on are:
    Bloom – amazing picture book biography
    They Say Blue – it’s Canadian and a winner
    Mary Had a Little Lab – perfect for younger kids and STEM
    Islandborn – so wonderful, great family story and many different elements of being brave
    Teddy’s Favourite Toy – funny and mum saves the day when the one-legged doll ends up in the garbage
    What If – AMAZING – beautiful illustrations and it’s all about being creative no matter what
    Cycle City – great book with lots to look at. Made us think of Mr. Postmouse, Richard Scarry, and In the Town All Around. I don’t think you could use it for storytime.
    Mae Among the Stars was so-so – inspirational – yes you can become an astronaut if you want
    Weather Girls didn’t rock my world – very ece/primary

    The rest I have not seen at work yet! Hope this helps everyone.

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah! This is an awesome quick review list. My library takes forever to get new titles so I still haven’t seen any of them yet.

  5. On whether glitter is friend or foe:

    In one of my former places of employment, one of my adult volunteers was know to lament the probability that we in the Children’s Department would all die of “glitter lung.”

    1. haha. It’s also terrible for the environment. Sorry, kids!

  6. Coincidentally, I just read Mae Among the Stars at my last storytime of the (pre)school year yesterday. Fabulous book! Great illustrations, awesome message about not listening to someone — even someone in authority — telling you what you are & aren’t capable of accomplishing, and about a real person to boot. Perfect for preschool-age kids into k-1.

    1. Ooo, sounds perfect! I can’t wait to try it out. My library takes forever to get new books.

  7. I just put SO many of these on hold at our public library. I so wish I could request the books that are on order. Waiting is hard!

    Just FYI Luna Loves Science is now actually titled Cece Loves Science.

    1. Thanks for the heads up! We hope your holds come in soon 🙂

  8. Great list!! Thank you, I would just add The Wall in the Middle of the Book
    by Jon Agee

    1. haven’t seen that one yet, I’ll check it out!

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