Flannel Friday: Food Storytime Felts

On my quest to make flannel stories for all my go-to storytime songs, I realized I sing a lot about food! Here are some of my favourite food-themed songs to sing at storytime and some easy peasy felts to go along with them.  Click on the title of each song to watch a video of Dana and I singing the tunes.

Bananas Unite + Extra Verses

bananas unite

There are many different ways to sing this song, but I love introducing a new verse each week.  We shuck the corn, squeeze the orange, peel the apple, and mash the potato.  A great chance to point out the unique vocabulary found in songs and rhymes.

Five Little Hot Dogs

5 little hot dogsbam

My toddlers love this song! We get to count to five and say BAM! really loud.  You can also introduce some basic math concepts such as “minus” and “less than.”  We practice spelling “Bam!” and making the “b” and “m” sounds.  As a pescatarian, I always tell the kids they are veggie hot dogs.  You can sub in tater tots or french fries.

I’m a Knife, Fork, Spoon, Spatula!


Perfect for a mixed-age storytime.  Caregivers can move baby’s feet or arms back and forth while older kids can do the motions with you.  I go really slow the first time, then get a little faster and a little faster.  The kids love it.  Before we sing, I put up each felt piece and we discuss what kind of foods we eat with each utensil – a great way to model the early literacy practice of talking.

In addition, Storytime Secrets has a great list of early literacy tips related to grocery shopping you could mention to caregivers either during storytime or afterwards during informal conversations.

Thank you to Cate at Storytiming for hosting this week’s Flannel Friday round-up!  Learn more about the Flannel Friday community.

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