2019 Picture Books: Bedtime Stories

The series continues! Bedtime stories beat Bodily Functions by 1%. ONE PERCENT. Follow me on Instagram to vote in my weekly polls if you want to have a say in what comes next.

If you do a pyjama storytime or an evening storytime, these books will be perfect. Some will make great read alouds, while others will make a perfect display. I encourage families to try and make reading a part of their daily routine. Bedtime is a great place to start! Here are some books to add to your nightstand about bedtime, sleeping, and the night.

Here are the other posts in my 2019 Picture Book series:

Storytime alert! For all of Sandall’s books., really
Sweet dreams 🙂
Children’s librarians around the world are having their hipster moment: we liked this song way before it was cool.
Say goodnight to 12 colourful cats.
Don’t think that donut escaped my notice.
I love the close-up.
That’s what I say about books.
Baby sloths!!
Everyone has their own bedtime routine.
I guess counting them didn’t work.
Sheep and sleep go together like…zzzz
A rhythmic bedtime wish from caregiver to child.
Yes, the Timbaland you know as the music mogul.
A little girl is full of questions right before bedtime.
Fit in one more game before bedtime. Toddlers will want to read again and again and again…
Always a fan when books are involved.
A nonfiction picture book about how animals rest.
So much more than black and white.

Wingardium Leviosa!
McMullan had one last year about bathtime that is great for storytime.
Fits perfectly on my books about space list too.
If you’ve got a little one who is afraid to turn off the lights.
These illustrations are so unique and captivating.
There’s no way that dinosaur comes to life, no way.
I’m not saying caregivers would grab this one to read at bedtime, but kids probably would!
A companion to A Big Mooncake for Little Star.

Which ones are you looking forward to sharing? Any you’ve read and loved? Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “2019 Picture Books: Bedtime Stories

  1. Tuck Me In! by Dean Hacohen is some sort of magic spell for storytime. It’s the simplest book but will somehow get an entire room to sit and stare every single time.

    1. oh yes, my toddler groups love that one! I have it as a felt story too and if the group is small enough I give each kid a blanket and they take turns coming up to tuck in the animals.

  2. Dear Dana and Linsey

    I’ve really enjoyed seeing your lists of recommended picture books.

    I’m a UK author and after discovering that males:females in American & British picture books were 2:1, I began a list of recommended titles with female characters. If you’d like me to send it, let me know.

    Keep up the great work!

    Very best wishes ~ Eileen (Browne)

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