2019 Picture Books: Gender Expansive

These books bust gender stereotypes. They also feature LGBTQ families and kids. I couldn’t find the perfect phrase to encompass both of these, but I liked “gender expansive” which I saw in a recent School Library Journal article on gender expression and early learning. And I’m sneaking this in just before the end of Pride month (though we should be Proud all year!).

Any standouts to you? Let me know in the comments!

Here are the other posts in my 2019 Picture Book series:

The message: Kids can play with any toy they want!
AKA however you want.
Reclaiming this phrase!
There will be a female president of the U.S. one day. THERE WILL.
A fierce maiden finds love.
This one reminds me so much of my nephew who loves to paint his nails.
You don’t have to choose.
Toxic masculinity can see itself out the door.
The description describes Riley as “gender creative.”
Picture books have a bad history of only featuring men in the driver’s seat. Not anymore!
Rosenthal’s husband and daughter made this companion book. If you need me I’ll be here sobbing with my box of tissues.
Another celebration of all the ways boys can be boys.
Aidan, a trans boy, gets ready to greet his new sibling.
Ella is described as a “strong-willed character with her own ideas.”
A young girl proves she does have what it takes to be a matador (and get those churros).
Also featured on my Women Biographies list.
Yes, it sure does.
Women in STEM fields are still underrepresented. I loved the first Charlotte book and this one looks just as good.
Chicks fight back when they see a sign that says “No Chicks Allowed.” Chick power.
Lots of diversity in this one.
Meet your new hero.

2 thoughts on “2019 Picture Books: Gender Expansive

  1. Your book lists are always so wonderful! I wish you included the Title and Author’s Name as text though. Not being able to copy and paste the titles into our library catalog or goodreads can mean the difference between remembering to put a title on hold and putting it off “for when I get a chance” for busy children’s librarians.

    1. I understand. I’ve also had a request to include the publication date. When I first started this series I didn’t think about how long adding in those details would take. It’s a lot of time! So for now I’m just doing book covers because it’s all I have time to do if I want to keep the series going. But I totally hear you and will keep this feedback in mind for the future.

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