2019 Picture Books Featuring Babies

Do you have a favourite moment of your work week? I feel like 99% of the time mine happens in babytime. I mean, I got high-fived by a 10-month old today. Hard to beat that in my opinion.

I’m always on the lookout for new books to share in babytime, either to read aloud or to put on display. Here are some 2019 picture books that I think will be great to share at babytime. I haven’t read any of these yet. They just got that cover appeal. Let me know in the comments what new releases you are looking forward to sharing in babytime this year!

And don’t miss the other books in my 2019 Picture Book series!

I am always looking for ways to incorporate more languages in storytime.
Bilingual with a beat? Yes, please!
I hope this one is singable!
This looks perfect for pointing out body parts.
A sequel to the lift-the-flap feminist guidebook for babies that came out last year.
Baby animals still count as babies.
Finally a baby mermaid book! By a classic author too.
I’ve seen lots of good buzz about this one and think it would be great to give to parents at babytime who have multiple children.
A story about expecting parents and bonding with a newborn.
I think some parents would love this one. Or love to pass it to older siblings.
Babies AND dogs?!
This book instantly reminded me of the way my niece used to say “shoes” which was a very drawn out “shooooeeeeessss.”
Follow the baby orangutan as it goes on a wild adventure through the jungle.
You wouldn’t know it from the cover but this is an alphabet book!
A rhyming jaunt through the busy life of a little one.
Perfect for all those future activists.
Diverse depictions of families fill this story of a stroller that gets passed along to people in the community.
Is this the only book about twin babies in existence? Fills a gap regardless.
I’ll cheer to that!
I am always on the lookout for books set in places outside of North America. This one takes place in West Africa.
I’m crossing my fingers this one makes a good read aloud.
Babymoons. They are all the rage these days.
It’s actually about baby moons!!
Can we please take a moment to appreciate the side eye that baby in the stripes is giving?
A great gift for new parents.

On a side note, I’d love to get feedback from everyone regarding these types of posts. They are fun and easy for me to write, allowing me time to work on my more meatier posts in the meantime. Do you enjoy them? Do you like seeing what’s coming out soon? Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts or requests!

24 thoughts on “2019 Picture Books Featuring Babies

  1. I love seeing your suggestions and knowing what is coming out soon. My co-workers ask where I find out about all these really cute books and I tell them Jbrary!

    1. That’s great to hear! Thank you for the feedback 🙂

  2. Definitely! I really enjoy these posts and they’re a great way to find new content for story times, so I’m glad to hear you like writing them.

    1. Awesome! Some of the books I feature on these preview posts don’t end up working as read alouds, but they make great books for displays or sharing one-on-one.

  3. Like all the others – I love these posts! They are inspiring and helpful. Thank you!

    1. Yay! I learn about so many titles from your blog so I’m happy to repay you in some way 🙂

  4. I have scrolled through these baby covers over and over – every time I open my email since you sent it. So adorable I can’t resist looking again. I just keep leaving the message in the inbox for revisits.

  5. Hi, after many years on the Information Desk, I am now doing Baby Time Programmes. Your YouTube channel was highly recommended, and has been so helpful. Thank you, from all the ‘newbies’ like myself. Your tips, demonstrations and book suggestions are my go-to resource.

    1. That’s so great to hear, Sandi! Welcome to the storytime fold 🙂 We are happy to have you here!

  6. I LOVE these posts. Please keep them coming. You always choose great looking books which honestly makes collection development a bit easier for me, even if I am judging a book by its cover.

    1. That’s so great to hear! And I just checked out your blog. I’ve been reading romance novels here and there. The Christina Lauren ones have been really good. Glad to find a place to find new ones!

    1. You got it 🙂 I miss your Twitter Picture Book Piles!!

  7. I love your effort to share books that are inclusive and reflect diversity! Very helpful to this librarian :). Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you so much, Kristen! I really appreciate the positive feedback.

  8. I work with infants and toddlers in an Early Head Start program and these books look great because they are diverse. I love your website and often watch you guys on YouTube to help make my circle times more fun and interactive. Thanks so much for sharing a little of your expertise with us.

    1. Yes, I am loving all the new diverse titles! I make a point to share those in my storytimes. I’m so glad our resources are helpful to you. Thank you for your kind words!

  9. Please keep posting these! I had just thought to myself that I had seen a lot of new baby books come out in 2019. B is for Baby is my favorite. These are really great for endcap displays at my library and help me not have to think as hard!

    1. Noted 🙂 I loved B is for Baby and think it will make my end-of-the-year storytime favourites list!

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