2019 Picture Books: Food

This topic was suggested by one of my Instagram followers and I’m so glad they sent it in! There are a wealth of books coming out this year about food, and it’s great to see a growing diversity of cultural representation. Food is such a key component of culture. A simple way to diversify your storytimes is by thinking critically about the types of food you read and sing about. Hopefully these new books can help!

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Lentils, yum!
I’ve heard so much good press about this one! That baby is freaking adorable.
This will never be on the shelf in Vancouver.
Loves Cereal!!
Poor buddy doesn’t know how birthday parties end…
Is that a child as a sushi roll? Because I love it.
Border is back with more food come-to-life.
A case of mistaken identity!
Every college student’s go-to meal.
I’m on the oatmeal train.
I know you wouldn’t necessarily eat these ones, but LOOK AT THOSE GLASSES.
This gives me weird Groot vibes.
See my Mythical and Magical Creatures booklist for more dragons!
Looks like it’s the cat’s turn to tell us a tale.
Dude, waitress’s have a really hard job.
Also on my Grandparents list.
A few of you have left comments saying this one is fabulous.
Boom Chicka POP.
They just look so happy!
Very funny.
I love these books because it lets kids get to know authors better.
I know this book isn’t really about food, but I’ve been so excited for the next one by this duo.
Also on my Things That Go list
I’m guessing this one shies away from some of the harsher realities of where our food comes from.
We can all relate. See also.
Bear is back with some tasty recipes to share!

Which ones are you looking forward to reading? Let me know in the comments!

One thought on “2019 Picture Books: Food

  1. I LOVE Magic Ramen. It’s a great example of some awesome narrative non-fiction. Great, diverse list!

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