2019 Picture Books: Neighbourhoods and Homes

Houses, apartments, dens, nests, planets – all of these are types of homes. This list features books about the places we live, both big and small, and the neighbourhoods we create with others.

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See how woodland creatures create homes.
A dual narrative of kids wondering what it would be like to move to the other’s city: New York City and Mexico City
I’m getting Little Mouse, Little Mouse vibes.
A family pulls together to turn a little shack into a home.
I’m getting Stranger Things vibes.
A little girl imagines what’s behind all the doors in her apartment building.
A touching story about having to move to a new home.
Another title featuring an apartment building!
Animal House?
A case of mistaken home identity.
Another interactive gem from Teckentrup.
Man, I used to dream about having a tree house so bad as a kid.
I love MacKay and I love fairies so I love this one automatically.
A grumpy bear searches for a place to call his own.
I love me some National Parks.
Had me at “creative creatures.”
A lovely nonfiction title for your animal collections.
It’s our home!
I couldn’t not include Wenzel’s latest and I think the earth counts as a big stone.
From small to big, follow a girl as her world expands.

Which ones are you looking forward to reading? Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “2019 Picture Books: Neighbourhoods and Homes

  1. I used “Red House, Tree House” in my preschool storytime, and the kids loved it. I paired it with “Little Mouse, Little Mouse” and “Scat the Cat”—both done as felts.

    1. Can’t wait to try this one in storytime! Still waiting on my hold to come in 🙂

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