2019 Picture Books: Technology, Computers, and Robots

I wanted to create a technology booklist as many libraries create STEM booklists for kids. Definitely check out my Outer Space list for even more books about science. I tried not to duplicate titles here. This list has a good mix of fiction and nonfiction.

Don’t miss the other lists in this series:

Brown’s other titles crack me up.
A new series described as ” The Magic School Bus meets The Way Things Work”
Yes, start with potty humour. Always a good bet.
Inventions! Failures! Maker girls!
I could totally see this book being a jumping off point for a STEM program.
A child’s robot gets carried away.
Also on my Women Biographies list but I couldn’t not include it here.
At least she’s wearing safety goggles.
This looks straight out of a Disney movie.
From 90210 to picture book author. It really does happen.
Looking a bit precarious there!
Buff up your biography section.

Do you provide STEM reader’s advisory at your library? Will any of these titles make it onto your lists? Let me know in the comments!

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