2019 Picture Books: Parents

First I did a list about babies. Then I did a list about grandparents. Then there were still so many titles about parents that I decided to add to the family. Check out these 2019 titles featuring moms and dads.

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I love stories with nontraditional parent roles.
Moms really do make everything better.
Who among us with children does not have a picture on their phone exactly like this?
Light’s books are usually great for toddlers.
Mini me.
Mama Bear throws the to-do list out the window.
Companion to Just Like Mommy above.
This one looks really sweet.
A celebration of fatherhood.
He’s about to get his beard brushed, isn’t he?
A celebration of family rituals.
Also on my Things That Go list.
I can’t stop looking at his mustache.
This frog is no bigger than a human fingernail in case you were wondering.
It happens.
The dog doesn’t look convinced.
A celebration of all the things parents hope for their children.
A story of adoption.

Which ones will you be getting for your libraries? I’d love to know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “2019 Picture Books: Parents

  1. I have to add one of my favorites of the year: HAIR LOVE by Matthew Cherry! It’s a really cute story about a dad doing his little girl’s hair and trying to get it just right.

    1. Oh I have that one on my Feelings and Emotions list due to the title, but you are right – it fits better here!

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