2019 Picture Books: Playing

The importance of play in early childhood has never been more well researched. Picture books about play is one way we can communicate this message to families because they themselves encourage families to play together. Here’s a selection of books about play coming out this year!

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Bruce is Back.
Wild Child Alert. (here for it)
Very clever, very, very, clever.
I think this one is a reader, but it looks great.
Is the animal on the cover made-up or am I completely drawing a blank here?
Sometimes playing together can be a challenge.
Eyeing this one for babytime.
It’s all the rage.
Eyeing this for school-age storytimes.
The comb on the sheep’s head!
Get it, girl.
Love everything from this author and illustrator. Also, tire swings for life.

Which ones have you read? Any you are especially looking forward to? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “2019 Picture Books: Playing

  1. I think the Adam Rubin book is an elephant?
    Thanks for all these lists, some of these look great!

    1. Oh ya I kinda see an elephant now!

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